List of deliverables

ID Deliverable name Type Level Month Download
D1.1 Earthquake scenarios and determination of seismic hazard. R PU 12
D1.2 Tectonic and geotechnical map of Western Macedonia R PU 12
D2.1 Fragility curves of typical Greek motorway bridges and overpasses R PU 12
D2.2 Correlation of fragility curves and bridge post-earthquake functionality R PU 15
D2.3 Digital map of structural components’ fragility curves for the interurban roadway network of Western Macedonia. P PU 15
D3.1 Fragility curves developed for the geotechnical components R PU 15
D3.2 Digital map of geotechnical components’ fragility curves for the interurban roadway network of Western Macedonia. P PU 15
D4.1 Existing analysis methods for the urban and interurban roadway network and definition of the parameters that affect seismic risk management. R PU 15
D4.2 Digital map depicting the traffic scenarios of Western Macedonia’s urban and interurban roadway network. P PU 15
D5.1 Holistic methodology for the assessment of seismic risk to urban and interurban roadway networks. R PU 15
D5.2 “Total value” of the elements exposed to seismic risk R PU 18
D6.1 GIS-based software and the user’s manual (freely distributable) P PU 26
D6.2 Parameterization of the software for use in other European areas R PU 26
D7.1 Criteria for efficient monitoring of critical roadway network components and communication protocols R PU 26
D8.1 Seismic risk assessment for the road network of Western Macedonia R PU 26
D8.2 Digital GIS maps including all input parameters and the results of seismic risk analysis for the pilot study P PU 26
D9.1 Project portal for the support of end-users P PU 6
D9.2 Proceedings (DVD) of the Final Workshop D PU 15
D9.3 A minimum of 5 publications in refereed journals and 10 publications in refereed conference proceedings R PU 15
Index: R = Report, P = Prototype, D = Demonstrator, O = Other, PU = Public, PP = Restricted to other programme participants (including the Funding Agency), RE = Restricted to a group specified by the consortium (including the Funding Agency), CO = Confidential, only for members of the consortium (including the Funding Agency).